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Enforcer Walkie Reach Stackers

  • Lift Height: 2.5M to 6M
  • Lift Capacity: 1.2 – 1.6 Ton
  • Fuel Type: Battery Electric or Lithium
  • Model: WSBPRE12/15/16

Effortless Precision: Enforcer Walkie Reach Stackers at Your Service

Perfect for deep racking system

The Walkie Reach Stacker uses a scissor fork extension system that allows for retrieving and stacking pallets in deep racking systems.


Great manoeuvrability

Turtle speed comes as standard configuration so operators can drive at ease even in narrow spaces thanks to its great manoeuvrability.

Precision lifting

With the help of the standard proportional
lifting system, operators gain gentle and precise depositing of goods, especially those valuables and fragile items.